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Solving Labor Shortages.

Saving American Companies.

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Dynaxe Workforce supports companies nationwide battling labor shortages and high turnover. We fill hundreds of entry-level roles using our U.S. immigration expertise, matching motivated foreign nationals with employers for US Permanent Residency. This scalable process reduces recruitment costs and eliminates rapid turnover, as candidates work a full year to earn their visas.

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Facilities Services


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Dynaxe Workforce Services


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Labor solutions without the costs of traditional recruitment firms


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Year-long work commitments from all our candidates


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Global Talent Pool with hundreds of motivated Candidates from different countries around the world

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Building Better Teams

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Brands that Trust Us

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Dynaxe finds and evaluates US companies adding only the best employers to our qualified employer network. Our ongoing mission is to add new employers and job opportunities across all 50 states.

Featured Clients

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Filling Hundreds


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Long-Term Staffing Solutions

Recruit Global Talent

We leverage our global reach to recruit overly-qualified and motivated candidates from several countries around the world

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We handle all aspects of the candidate onboarding and U.S. visa process on your behalf to vet qualified candidates and ensure that each of your future workers is prepared for all job requirements


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Our leading Partner Immigration Attorneys ensure that each critical legal step of the visa process is handled with the strictest compliance and efficiency possible

Expert US Attorney Partners

Candidate Relocation

Our Dedicated Support Team and global partners assist candidates with their move for a smooth transition to their new U.S. location of employment.

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Forging Workforce Stability

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Cost-Effective Fee per Location


Process Fee

Turnover Savings per Candidate

No Recurring Fees

Candidates Cover Their Own Immigration Expenses

Ongoing Support Throughout Entire Process

Staffing Solutions

Without Staffing Problems

Companies across several industries have turned to Dynaxe Workforce U.S. business immigration services as a cost-effective way to solve their long-term staffing issues and eliminate rapid, expensive turnover across multiple company locations.

The Dynaxe Difference

For over a decade, Dynaxe has worked with industry-leading immigration professionals and clients around the world to boost the US economy and strengthen the American Workforce with Employment-Based Visa Services.

Well experienced in navigating the complexities of US immigration, Dynaxe has built a reputation on trust and quality that instills confidence in all our partners and clients, providing an unparalleled hands-on experience throughout the entire immigration process.

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